Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 5 Movies to Get You Ready for College

Are you about to become a college freshman, or are you a senior getting ready to finish your college career? Either way, here are some movies you have to watch to get ready for the upcoming fall semester!
5. Mean Girls
I know what you’re thinking, “why the heck is Mean Girls number 5?” Calm down. It’s only because Mean Girls is technically high school not college. Nevertheless, this cult chick flick classic is a must see before you head off into the big scary world of college that is bound to be full of Regina George’s. If you want to make a good impression, make sure to wear your most “fetch” outfit!
4. She’s the Man
Once again, it’s a high school movie, but come on! It’s She’s the Man! Having a hard time getting a cute guy’s attention? Try Viola’s method, dress up as his roommate, flash the entire school, and live happily ever after!
3. Sydney White
This awesome modern Snow White story follows Sydney White, a Kappa sorority legacy, as she does her best to fit it despite her tomboyish ways. After being embarrassed in front of the student body, she befriends a group of seven dorky guys who are about to get evicted from their home the Vortex by the notorious Greeks. Determined to prove the Greeks wrong, Sydney helps these seven guys take over the student body. Freedom to the Seventh Power!
2. The House Bunny
This hilarious modern classic tells the story of Shelley, a playboy bunny who thinks she’s been kicked out of the Mansion, as she wanders onto a college campus and tries to transform a group of outcast girls into the hottest chicks on campus.
1. Legally Blonde
At the top of the list we have everyone’s favorite Legally Blonde! Everyone’s favorite blonde Elle Woods is determined to follow her boyfriend to Harvard Law School. After getting there, everyone believes she doesn't belong there, and Elle sets out to prove them wrong and become the most fabulous lawyer ever!

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